Cape Cod September 2008

The wife and I went to Cape Cod for an overnight on Friday the 20th. The wild lands of the cape and the cape-codbeautiful fall weather were just beautiful. Ptown was a little less than wonderful. A lot of shops, people, noise, and foul odors. I can vaguely remember how I used to get excited about a night out on the town but it is all a hazy memory. Give me a quiet sunset on the beach, an hour in the woods, or a walk down a nice nature trail anyday. I’ll leave the shopping to others.

An interesting fact that I did not know about before was that the pilgrims first made landfall on the Cape before going to Plymouth Rock. They stayed at the cape for about five weeks, getting water and a bit of food, before setting of for the rock.

A bit of a rant. I cannot believe the government is contemplating throwing 700 billion dollars at the Wall Street crisis. They do not even know if this plan will work but they are willing to bail the greedy and now failing businesses out. What a deceitful, hypocritical betrayal of the country. The government should be ashamed. End of rant.