Australia’s Kwongan Heathland

I was trying to find some information today about a place I worked in southwestern Australia. I stayed in Western Flora Caravan Park, just north of Eneabba, and did my work in the native Kwongan heathland found there. The park is on the other side of the earth and far from habitats and parks that I am used to – places like the forests of New England or Island Beach New Jersey.

Some random facts:

The area is a biodiversity hotspot with a large diversity of flowering plants.

The Geraldton Sandplains are an ancient and very deep geological formation.

The soils are nutrient poor and the climate is tough. It is not quite a desert but it can seem like one at certain times of the year.

Bird diversity – relatively low
Reptile diversity – very high. Australia is generally know as the most diverse regions in the world for reptiles
Temperatures – often the hottest temps for the local region are recorded here. High 40’s in the middle of the summer (Jan and Feb) are not unusual.

Some links and other info:

The point of my searching around today was to find this factoid….. the rush like plants that are common in the Kwongan heathland are in the family Restionaceae (this may seem strange to most folks but I needed to know this for some writing I am doing).

Some interesting pictures around Eneabba.

One of the better introductions to the natural areas in the Southwestern Australia Biodiversity Hotspot.

And that is it for my little research notes.

Be well.

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