NH Spring

Some water, ice and trees at Bear Brook State Park

Some water, ice and trees at Bear Brook State Park

Today I took the day off and headed to New Hampshire. The wife and I decided it was time to get out and since it was supposed to reach sixty, figured we could have a good time.

Our destination was Bear Brook State Park. Not far off of I93, so just a little over an hour from home. The park is closed for the winter, meaning the facilities are not open, but you can still “recreate” in the park. At least that was what their website said. This seemed to mean hiking and other such things were fine but you were not going to be able to camp or visit things like their camping museum.

The ride out there was fine except for the gray clouds as soon as we crossed into New Hampshire. I was thinking, when I saw a road sign that said Salisbury, that maybe we should have headed out that way. Perhaps the woods were not looking so good if it was going to rain. Better to maybe go to take a peak at the ocean and perhaps spend some time in the arcade, playing some pinball. All of this seemed even more enticing once we got to the park. There was still a lot of snow on the ground there, as there was a lot of denser white pine forest stands there. It was also quite chilly when I got out of the car.

Turned out I was wrong about my first impression. It was a bit cooler than I would have liked most of our visit and there was a lot of snow throughout much of the 4 + miles we walked. Yet it did get warmer and the sun even came out later in the afternoon. It was also great to be out in the woods. The park has a lot of trails and much of the snowier one’s we were on appeared to be cross country skiing trails. So the snow on the trails was packed well. Another nice thing about this park is there is a lot of water. A few lakes, some ponds and plenty of marshes. With snow melt, water was pretty much running everywhere.

We found an open area exposed to some sun that was alive with ground bees. They were hovering all around, apparently looking to make nests. There were also some ground beetles running around. Black heads with red elytra. Once we saw one of these suddenly we noticed dozens.

Getting some time out in the woods, having a chance to relax for a day with my wife, seeing signs that spring is soon to be coming on strong….all good things and it made for an awesome day.

Spring Itch

Spring has arrived. At least on the calendar. Spring has not so much arrived outside. I spent most of today walking around in the city. The wind was blowing off the water, it was not to warm to begin with and I was cold! So I get a little cranky about the weather at this time of the year. Last year I escaped to Australia for almost two months in Nov/Dec so early spring was not so bad. This year I’m ready for warmth. And I only get more inclined to want it to be warmer when I talk to my southern relatives.

Lot’s of flowers are out, in fact they have been out for about a month already.

I have already started planning and doing some planting in the garden.

If I don’t get those plants taken care of soon, it is going to be to late to get them going this spring.

(can you tell my Mom is a gardener?). Here in New England we have one little tiny flower that is out in the front yard. Obviously the plants are a lot slower here than they are down south.

The other thing that happens in spring for me, a lot of years, is the need to get away from home. For many reasons I just can’t get away as much this time of the year. I want to, I try to and just can’t or don’t. So by the time spring rolls around I start reading about things like the best tropical islands and it makes me a little bonkers. How much would I enjoy lounging on the beach at this time of year, especially in the tropics somewhere! Heck, at this time of the year, I would even be willing to go back to Dallas (despite how much I disliked my time there a few years ago). I could get my buddy to launch his boat in Joe Pool Lake and I could just lay around soaking in the warmth! I looked and it was in the mid seventies there today.

O well. Another month will go by and I will have no need to be bitchin any more. I might even get a chance to go on a road trip next week, which of course would help tremendously with the early spring blues I’m feeling.