Spring Itch

Spring has arrived. At least on the calendar. Spring has not so much arrived outside. I spent most of today walking around in the city. The wind was blowing off the water, it was not to warm to begin with and I was cold! So I get a little cranky about the weather at this time of the year. Last year I escaped to Australia for almost two months in Nov/Dec so early spring was not so bad. This year I’m ready for warmth. And I only get more inclined to want it to be warmer when I talk to my southern relatives.

Lot’s of flowers are out, in fact they have been out for about a month already.

I have already started planning and doing some planting in the garden.

If I don’t get those plants taken care of soon, it is going to be to late to get them going this spring.

(can you tell my Mom is a gardener?). Here in New England we have one little tiny flower that is out in the front yard. Obviously the plants are a lot slower here than they are down south.

The other thing that happens in spring for me, a lot of years, is the need to get away from home. For many reasons I just can’t get away as much this time of the year. I want to, I try to and just can’t or don’t. So by the time spring rolls around I start reading about things like the best tropical islands and it makes me a little bonkers. How much would I enjoy lounging on the beach at this time of year, especially in the tropics somewhere! Heck, at this time of the year, I would even be willing to go back to Dallas (despite how much I disliked my time there a few years ago). I could get my buddy to launch his boat in Joe Pool Lake and I could just lay around soaking in the warmth! I looked and it was in the mid seventies there today.

O well. Another month will go by and I will have no need to be bitchin any more. I might even get a chance to go on a road trip next week, which of course would help tremendously with the early spring blues I’m feeling.

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