Falling into Place

Summer is fading fast, or at least what was left of the summer that was not much of one. I see that the farmers’ almanac (or the other one – do you know there are two, they have a similar but different names and they are fierce competitors for the “farmers almanac” niche? ¬†http://www.almanac.com/ http://www.farmersalmanac.com/ ) had predicted it will be a cold winter this year in my neck of the country. I think if this proves to be true it will seem even colder. So I will be craving spring even more than usual in 2010.

On a more positive fall is arriving note, I am looking forward to the leaves changing. Every year is different but I think most plants had a great year. Lots of water, not to brutely hot. My unscientific observation is that the better the growing season the better the leaves changing show ends up being.

We will see.

Learn to Camp

Outdoor recreation activity is slightly declining in the US and technology is surely part of the problem. Folks just love playing with all their modern toys so much that they don’t seem to find the time to get outside. The good people at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department suspect there are other causes of this decline as well. Like the fact that there are some people that would like to go camping but just don’t know how. This almost seems strange but if no one took you camping when you were a kid (thanks Dad!) then the great outdoors could easily be the Great Unknown.

To help people get started, the state has a new program called the Texas Outdoor Family program. They offer a starter class that teaches how to set up a tent, how to use a camp stove and lantern, and other basic camping skills. All of the equipment is provided for free, courtesy of the programs sponsor – Toyota.

The next offering will be at Galveston Island State Park and will run from August 4th and 5th. The program costs $55 for a family of up to eight people. Call 512-389-8903 to register. Once you do register they will send you information about what you should bring and the lowdown on what to expect from your first camping outing.