Out and About

pondA beautiful day! I was able to get out with my wife to a local property that has some nice trails. It was wonderful to see the trees are full of leaves. The last time I was walking out in the woods, a few weeks ago, this was not the case.

We visited a small pond and a vernal pool. There were small painted turtles and ducks hanging out in the pond. The vernal pool had something unexpected, a few children walking around. They had boots on and were literally walking around in the water. Not a real good thing to be doing to a vernal pool around here.  They are fragile habitats and there are just not that many of them around anyway. Their mom was there too. Apparently the kids were trying to catch frogs.

Besides that little bit of disturbance the woods were glorious. It is so nice to be able to get out and about again in some warmer weather.