Falling into Place

Summer is fading fast, or at least what was left of the summer that was not much of one. I see that the farmers’ almanac (or the other one – do you know there are two, they have a similar but different names and they are fierce competitors for the “farmers almanac” niche?  http://www.almanac.com/ http://www.farmersalmanac.com/ ) had predicted it will be a cold winter this year in my neck of the country. I think if this proves to be true it will seem even colder. So I will be craving spring even more than usual in 2010.

On a more positive fall is arriving note, I am looking forward to the leaves changing. Every year is different but I think most plants had a great year. Lots of water, not to brutely hot. My unscientific observation is that the better the growing season the better the leaves changing show ends up being.

We will see.

The Clam Box

A trip to Ipswich, MA meant the wife and I had to go to the Clam Box. It is a typical New England seafood shack. Fried seafood – scallops, clams, fish, etc. Also lobster rolls and some other favorites.

We got there just before noon on a Saturday. Not only that but it was a lovely summer day. Luckily we did not find to much of a crowd. We got in, ordered our food within about ten minutes, and were eating about five minutes later.

The food was great. We had a three way combo. Scallops, shrimp and clams. All batter dipped and fried. This stuff was served on a bed of onion rings. My drink of choice was  lemonade while the wife had an iced tea.

One of the many cool thing about the place was its age. The Clam Box has existed since 1935. That is a long time for any food establishment to be in business.

Late in the day we drove back past the place and the line was a lot longer!


Upton State Forest, MA

a trail through the woods

a trail through the woods

Yesterday the wife and I went for a hike in a nice Masschusetts State Forest. The place is a few thousand acres in size. It is primarily forest but there was also lots of water everywhere. A few swampy places, plenty of small waterways, vernal pools and things in between. There was also a large pond at the southern end of the place.

There is a small parking area just off the entrance and you need to walk to get to any other parts of the forest. There are both relatively wide roads that you can walk on and smaller trails.

We headed down to the pond and my wife lost her hat at some point. This lead to a change of plans for our route. We had to backtrack to locate the missing hat. We did find it and we did also succeed in having a pleasant walk.

Overall the Upton State Forest was nice, lots of typical New England forest scenery and good trails.